Multi material mould

We specialize in mould for multi material components with years of experience and technical know-how in the industry. We assure complete tooling solution in multi material injection moulding technology. We are capable of product development with multi material for different application of plastic injection moulded components. Multi material technology is a growing trend in today's plastic industry as it enhances the product esthetics and reduces post mould operation like assembly of components etc. Most of the multi material product are driven by part functionally and enhancement of part features.


Multi material components moulds are designed with techniques such as internal pull back cores, rotating stripper, indexing transfer plate, rotary tables and finally robotic transfer from cavity to cavity.We provide indexing mechanism in mould built and driven by hydro motor and servo motor which assures accurate indexing and faster cycle times. We also provide standard rotary tables adaptable on any multi material injection moulding machine specification of the same are given below.
We promise maximum productivity for our tooling with quality performance and reliability. We assure 100% interchangeable mould parts achieved by stringent quality control methods using modern planning and new generation and state of art manufacturing facility together with experienced, skilled man power and team work to ensure online delivery.
Our mould ensures low maintenance with maximum productivity with enhanced cooling system design and air assist, multi stage ejection to achieve fast cycle time. Our mould needs SPI-101 class mould standards and after our after sale service support meet all requirements.