Flip top moulds

We specialize in high performance fliptop mould making .We provide complete system to manufacture flip top caps with special purpose fliptop closing/assembly machine and in mould closing fixture both mechanical and power driven .We have been successful in developing fliptop closures using tamper proof bands and with special spouts and snap on with unscrewing type thread/locking mechanism. We have an also recently developed 2 colour flip top cap which is a new development in the fliptop closure market. Our years of experience and know-how in packaging mould making assure quality moulds for fliptop caps with assurance of product quality with productivity.


Our recent development in Auto closing LDPE fliptop caps for edible oil industry with drop less system and pourer funnel together with tamper proof band is widely accepted in the edible oil packaging and is a result of our continuous development program.We promise maximum productivity for our tooling with quality performance and reliability. We assure 100% interchangeable mould parts achieved by stringent quality control methods using modern planning and new generation and state of art manufacturing facility together with experienced, skilled man power and team work to ensure online delivery.
Our mould ensures low maintenance with maximum productivity with enhanced cooling system design and air assist, multi stage ejection to achieve fast cycle time. Our mould needs SPI-101 class mould standards with guaranteed 5 million cycles mould life.


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