Our design and planning department comprises of four Design stations with latest designing software and customized mould planning and progress evaluation software. Our Team who are products of some of the pioneer institutions in mould design technology with their experiences in the field communicates with our cliental to cater their needs precisely.

Our technical knowhow provider M/S Noord of Holland being one of the best design houses in Europe specialized in the field of Plastic tooling is an added advantage.


Our CAD / CAM department is housed with latest software with 3D modeling analysis and manufacturing and modules, together with experienced and well-trained employees. We are able to integrate our design and manufacturing activity to achieve zero error manufacturing.

Hence we are able to achieve shortest lead time through adequate application of today's latest software and CAD/CAM system to avoid conventional protyping, trial and error mould making techniques.


Our inspection department has a list of inspection and testing equipments like Height Master, Projector, Hardness tester etc along with a stretch of other inspection tools and gauges.

Our well trained and dedicated quality control team practices stage by stage quality check after every machining operation in all element of a project .Our quality policy being the best has always won appreciation from our customers.


Our CNC department includes integrated CAM section with a battery of 9 CNC milling, turning, EDM machining with capacity to machine 1 tons lathe load for plates and diameter 380mm turning jobs that runs a 3 axis machining center from BFW with FANUC operating system.
Our machine being a custom model for extended tool room applications has a wider axis movements in 3 axis namely X,Y and Z With the help of special toolings and high-speed spindle capability we are able to finish machine all the mould components precisely and faster which helps us to keep ourselves in the lead.


Our EDM/ Die sinking department is equipped with six EDM machines with 5 microns accuracy. With the use of 3R system and special tooling we are able to maintain precise and faster machining of mould elements with desirable finish. With our continuous training up gradation programme of our staff, we have been able to achieve better quality standards to meet today’s surging demand precisely. Our experienced and skilled manpower in the department has helped in achieving our target and goals to satisfactory level .The continuous up gradation of tooling and system with training programmes for our staff, we have always been able to keep our productivity and quality to the best.


Our Surface Grinding and Conventional Machining department includes a stretch of machines with different variant sizes and capacities, which help our premachining department to all meet all requirements of our mould making department. The premachining department prefinishes all elements as per the instruction/ advice from planning and design and delivers the mould making department as prefinished mould elements .
With the strength of our planning department and through process planning the lead- time has been always kept to minimum, which has always drawn appreciation from our clientele .


Our mould making department consist of 12 benches headed with a group leader and 24 tool makers. Our staff being the products of some of the best tool making training institute of the country with their hands on experience in the field has been the key to our success. With our continuous up gradation programme of tooling and system along with training programmes of our staff, we have been able to make tools to international standards and that ensures performance excellence .The variant of texturing and polishing requirement by our clientele has always been met with our specialized facility available in-house and experienced specialist staff. The same has helped us to achieve any texture design or finish specified by our customers.


A mould once completed undergoes a couple of test trial run to ensure 100% functional dimensional and aesthetic requirements of the mould and component. The trial runs are done on appropriate tonnage machine available at our sister concern and observation are noted in a trial report and will be handed over to the mould debugging department who are the specialist with goods hands on experience in mould setup and mould making. The mould will undergo further trial runs until 100% quality and performance of both mould and component is assured. The mould is delivered with a parameter chart issued with reference to the final trial which ensures ease in mould setup at the customers end.