PET preform mould

We specialize in manufacturing PET preform moulds with pneumatic valve gates. We assist the new comers of the industry with special technology training of PET preform manufacturing. We provide complete turnkey solution for PET preform manufacturing with years of experience and know-how in plastic PET packaging industry. We can provide guide line to optimize on bottle design for different applications. Our preform mould features consist of hot runner valve gate systems employed to reduce post moulding operation of degating and also improves on flow pattern compared to a conventional open gate system.


With the help of well designed cooling water channels and preform profiles we assure the shortest cycle time in the industry. The core, cavity and lip insert are made out of special alloy tool steels treated hardened to 50-52 HRC and surface treated and coated to assure extended life cycle of preform moulds. With the help of advanced hot runner system co-developed from hot set USA assures lower level of AA value. We offer low eccentricity less than 0.1mm for a preform length below 100mm along with minimum possible gramage tolerance with in +/-0.0 gram.

The temperature controller, we offer features soft start along with advanced current/voltage control system which assures longer heater life with accurate temperature control. We offer two systems of valve gates to choose from differentiate with the type of valve pin actuation (pneumatic driven/spring loaded).


Preform neck specifications