Product Development

Our team of designers can develop together with your concept to cater new market trends and application in plastic packaging industry. With our know-how and experience we can maximize the economic viability of your new mould and product. The design work is carried out with high performance 3D cad/cam system with our years of experience assures you the best solution and has always one appreciation in the industry. Our prototyping/bar development department provides you with moke up model in acrylic or epoxy resin to begin with original cap /perform samples to enable the customer to make easy decision based on evaluation of the samples on the capping/fitting machines and with true line trials with standard lead time of 2 weeks.

Product development skill with years of experience in the field and know-how in mould making for packaging industry strengthen our capability of optimizing the product design to its best for the given application with minimizing the component weight with maximizing the productivity and making it economically viable.

Our most recent developments include:
1. Light weight cap for 28mm 3start Alaska neck
2. Light weight preform neck for still water
3. Light weight preform neck for edible oil
4. Light weight cap for 28mm P.C.O
5. Special purpose flap type caps for 25mm and 28mm ROPP neck.