Thin walled packaging mould

We specialize in thin wall packaging moulds with IML capabilities. We specialize in multi cavity thin wall packaging moulds which employees latest technology of hot runner system stack mould technology, high speed mould to run fast cycle time which are the key factor to make a thin wall packaging economically feasible with years of experience in the field. We can develop innovative packaging solution to later different application of thin wall packaging.


Today's injection moulding technology with help of accumulators and high speed electric screw drivers together with injection compression moulding technology has made L/T ratio of up to 500 possible to mould. With well designed cooling channel and multi stage an assist mechanical ejection assures finest cycle time below 4.5 sec possible with our moulds.
Our moulds are designed to adapt IML system and auto robot pick up and stackers. We also provide with multi level take out robots and stackers for adaptable with multi level stack moulds. We offer moulds to later a wide range of thin wall and packaging solution like yogurt cups,icecream containers, disposable packaging solution for food packaging, disposable cutlery packaging, airline cups, water cup disposable medical stool container etc.


We promise maximum productivity for our tooling with quality performance and reliability. We assure 100% interchangeable mould parts achieved by stringent quality control methods using modern planning and new generation and state of art manufacturing facility together with experienced, skilled man power and team work to ensure online delivery.

Our mould ensures low maintenance with maximum productivity with enhanced cooling system design and air assist, multi stage ejection to achieve fast cycle time. Our mould needs SPI-101 class mould standards and after our after sale service support meet all requirements.